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Sell Your North Texas Home – Tips To Set The Right Price

sell your north texas home

If you’re attempting to sell your North Texas home, you know that setting the perfect price can be difficult. Set it too high, and you price yourself right out of the market; too low, and you may make a quick sale but you’re leaving money on the table. So how do you get to that “just right” sell price? Our Flower Mound real estate professionals offer these tips and tactics.

Take advantage of some of the home pricing tools available online to estimate your home’s value. There are lots of these tools available online, many of them free. Use three or four to see the estimates you get for your home’s value. Some pricing tools also give you “comps” or information about similar homes, often referred to as comparison properties.

Comparable data is great, but be sure to have a real estate professional walk through your home with you. Experienced agents can “see” things you can’t as a homeowner. For instance, any renovations or upgrades may add to the value of your home, above the figures you got with the pricing tools. Your agent knows how to compare the features and amenities of your home with those of homes in the market, and can view your home and its nuances from a different perspective. Educational opportunities, the availability of family-friendly areas and activities – there are many factors outside the structure itself that can impact your home’s selling price.

Drive multiple offers. Bringing in multiple offers to create a “bidding war” may require listing your home at a price just slightly below current market value, however your real estate agent can create a sense of urgency among buyers by calling for the best possible offer, that “last chance” to submit the highest price they can pay.

Other ways to drive multiple offers when listing or showing your home include staging and adding key selling points in your listing. Staging helps you present your home in the best possible light; your online listing should include details that are super-important to buyers such as “great school district,” “family-friendly,” whether your home has a garage or in-ground pool, etc. Think about those things you’d want to know if you were buying a home, and be sure to include the details in your listing so you don’t leave potential buyers wondering.

Take your emotions out of the equation. Of course you think your home’s worth a million – after all, you’ve lived your life in it, raised your kids, perhaps even renovated the kitchen cabinets or installed that beautiful wood floor yourself. Buyers don’t view it that way; what they DO want to picture is their own family living in the home, so be realistic when setting a price for your home. Our agents can be of tremendous help in this area!

Whether you’re thinking about listing your North Texas home or are in the market to buy, our Flower Mound real estate agents are here to help! Contact Team Nelson today, and rest assured you’re in capable hands.

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