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Selling Your DFW Home – Consider These Unusual Inspections First!

selling your dfw home

Most homeowners who want to sell their DFW area homes know the importance of having a home inspection performed by a professional so that any problems can be addressed that could impact the sale of their home. What you may not have considered are these “specialized” inspections that you may want to have done prior to selling your home, depending on the age of your home, its condition and other factors. Our Dallas real estate professionals want to help you get ahead of the game, so you aren’t facing issues you were not even aware of right before closing time!

Was your home built prior to 1975? If so, asbestos could be a potential problem. Asbestos could be present in attic insulation, basement insulation, even window caulk.

Mold is a growing concern among everyone these days. It used to be that only hypochondriacs worried about mold and its potential threat to health, but today we know the concerns are legitimate. A professional mold inspector is a good idea, especially if your home is older or you’ve had a leak or other water damage.

No buyer wants to face roof repair or replacement – in fact, it’s many buyers’ biggest worry. You may assume your roof is in great shape, but it’s best to be on the safe side. You don’t want a buyer pushing up the costs during the negotiation stage, so have a professional do a thorough inspection so you’ll know if there is damage. You’ll also have a firm grasp on the costs, whether you have the repairs made or negotiate price with the buyer.

Termites and other critters often aren’t seen by the naked eye. Unlike mice which a homeowner is usually aware of, termites and other pests can turn up in wood beams, the crawl space of your home and other areas you don’t see. This ultimately leads to wood damage and disintegration, dry rot and other conditions that compromise the structure of your home.

You may also want to consider an electrical, lead, or chimney inspection if your home is older. There are so many hidden areas of a home that can be missed during a regular home inspection, and these types of inspections aren’t designed to catch potential problems lurking in areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Be sure you won’t face any unpleasant surprises when selling your DFW home by having some of these uncommon home inspections performed. Peace of mind for you and the buyer!

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