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Selling Your Dallas Home? How To Eliminate Smoke Odors That Deter Buyers

selling your dallas home

Smoking cigarettes inside a home can leave it smelling nasty to potential buyers. If you have put your Flower Mound or Dallas-area home on the market (or are considering it), eliminating cigarette odors is essential. Tobacco smoke permeates literally everything, from window treatments and carpet to the paint on the walls.

As Flower Mound realtors who know a thing or two about selling homes, we can tell you that getting rid of “evidence” of smoking in your home isn’t easy, but it can be done – and it is absolutely CRITICAL if you are serious about selling your Dallas home.

Be aware that burning candles or spraying air fresheners helps only temporarily, and masks the smell rather than getting rid of it. Here are a few suggestions that are really effective:

Take out the carpet. Steam cleaning the carpet won’t completely remove the odor, so it’s best to take it out, then thoroughly clean the floor underneath before having new carpet or flooring installed. If you simply cannot afford to replace the carpet, have professionals clean it to ensure the best possible results.

Wash or steam clean all fabric items. Whether it’s the drapes, shower curtain, bath/kitchen rugs, or the upholstery on your furniture, all fabrics absorb odors. Depending on the item, steam clean, wash, or dry clean.

Clean the walls, then add a fresh layer of paint. It isn’t enough to paint over walls that are stained or yellowed by tobacco smoke. While painting may mask the odor for a while, it may eventually seep through. Scrub the walls with mild soap or any cleaner that is appropriate, then rinse and paint.

Soak your blinds in OxiClean or another cleaning agent that is safe for use mixed with water. Hang to dry.

Wash your windows. This is the one task that nearly everyone hates, but if you (or someone else in your home) smokes, it is vital to get rid of the smell – and the yellow, cloudy windows.

Replace the filters in your HVAC system. These filters trap not only dust, pet dander, hair, and other debris, but odors as well. Change the filters before showing your home.

Use vinegar and baking soda to absorb the odor. Setting a few small bowls of vinegar or several boxes of open baking soda around your home will help further absorb the odors.

Ventilate! Let your home air out for a while by opening up the windows and using fans to blow out the indoor odors.

Of course, once you go to all of the effort to do all of the steps above, you will want to make sure that from this point on, smokers take the habit outside!

As trusted Flower Mound real estate agents, we want to help do everything possible to make sure your home sells. Contact Team Nelson today for more tips on making the home selling process easier!

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