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Selling Your Dallas Home? How to Survive Until It Sells

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At Team Nelson, we know that putting your home up for sale means keeping it neat, clean, and ready for potential buyers nearly every minute of the day – which is tough. Once that for sale sign goes up on the lawn, you will likely have not only interested buyers, but real estate agents stampeding through the front door, sometimes more often than you would like. How can you survive? We have a few tips that will make the time easier.

Of course you want to sell your home for the best price possible, but how do you and your family live life in the meantime? Here are a few suggestions for surviving in a home that’s for sale.

First of all, start packing up everything you won’t need for the next three to four months. Out-of-season clothes, gadgets you never use, personal items and knick-knacks; as much as possible, remove the clutter and put it in the storage shed or a rented storage space. Anything you won’t need while your home is for sale should be removed, so that your home is as clutter-free as possible.

Create space and remember that less is more. Potential buyers want a home that appears spacious and is free of clutter. If your home is piled up to the ceiling with ‘stuff’ in every closet, nook, and cranny, potential buyers will feel that it isn’t spacious enough. Anything that isn’t used should be stored, sold, or even donated. Lots of space creates a sense of expansiveness for buyers, and makes your home feel more calming, luxurious, and uplifting.

Clean, clean, clean. We’ve said it before, but a clean home is one that is not only free of clutter, but is literally clean as a whistle. Dust, stains, cobwebs in the ceiling corners – clean every area you can possibly reach, and clean it with vigor. While no one would actually want to eat off the kitchen floors, your home should be clean enough that a potential buyer feels he/she could.

Have pets? Let them enjoy a ‘holiday.’ Many home buyers prefer not to have pets in the home, so have a family member or friend take yours for the day when listing your home, or taking photos for the listing. When your agent begins to show your home and open houses begin, have a plan for boarding your pooch or cat somewhere else, and remove everything that indicates a pet lives in your home.

Make it an experience when buyers look at your home. Soft lighting, a little relaxing music, windows open or a fire burning in the fireplace, depending on the season – all of these things ‘set the mood’ and help buyers imagine themselves living in your home. Once it’s all ready, leave before the buyer arrives. You don’t want to appear to be lurking – and your agent should be able to talk to buyers privately, without the buyer feeling like you’re listening to their every word.

Know that you CAN live like this, because your home will sell quickly. When you’re well prepared and have done all of your homework (packing up non-essentials, cleaning, etc.) your home will sell quickly. A big plus is that the move will be easier, because you’ve already packed up many of your things and cleaned out the clutter!

Selling your Dallas home does involve a lot of work, and yes, a certain level of stress. However, you can make it easier on yourself by following the tips above. The simple fact of knowing that you’re on your way to selling your home and that the move will be easier because of what you’ve done to prepare will help alleviate the panic!

At Team Nelson, our Dallas real estate agents can help make the sale of your home easier and less stressful. Call us today to learn more about what we can do to make your life easier!

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