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Selling Your Dallas Home? Know About Texas Disclosure Laws

selling your dallas home

Most homeowners who plan to sell their Dallas-Fort Worth area homes aren’t familiar with Texas laws regarding disclosure, a critical component of the sales process. Ultimately, it’s best to be transparent about any issues that aren’t so positive when it comes to selling your Dallas home. You don’t have to cast a negative light on your home, but potential buyers appreciate honesty. You don’t want to unknowingly break any laws, and what you perceive as an issue may not be a problem at all for some buyers. Here’s what you should disclose.

Mold or lead issues. Both can result in serious health issues, so if you have a problem with mold or lead-based paint exists in an older home, you should inform potential buyers. While you may have painted over painted surfaces containing lead or had remediation specialists address mold issues, it’s still important to inform buyers of these issues and what you’ve done to alleviate the problems.

Renovations and repairs should be up to par and meet building code requirements. Lots of people are do-it-yourselfers, which can result in less than professional work when it comes to remodeling or repairs. A home inspection will be performed at some point, and repairs will more than likely not go overlooked. Be sure you have documentation on hand that will support any renovations or verify that repairs are up to code.

Accurate square footage. Adding a few square feet can make your home more desirable, however, you want to avoid giving an inaccurate measure of gross livable area as a buyer’s lender will measure the square footage in the process of performing an independent appraisal. When listing your home, be honest about the measurement; if you aren’t sure about square footage, an appraisal will provide you with the information you need.

Pest infestations or other major issues. Whether there’s an issue with the roof, plumbing, foundation, or you’ve had problems with termites or other pests, home inspectors will notice. Perhaps you’ve had any electrical system issues repaired or had professionals treat your home for pests. Whatever the situation, don’t try to hide it – be transparent about how the situation was resolved, as buyers will eventually realize there was a problem. Providing documentation regarding any pest treatments or repairs for major issues only makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of a potential buyer.

At Team Nelson, our Dallas-Ft. Worth real estate professionals are highly knowledgeable regarding disclosure requirements when selling a home in Texas. To ensure your home sells quickly, and so you understand what you need to disclose, trust our team for expert guidance.

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