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Selling Your Flower Mound Home Fast

As trusted Flower Mound realtors, we know that there are a few things homeowners can do to sell their homes quickly. We know that when you’re ready to sell, the last thing you want is for your home to stay on the market for months or even years. How can you spruce things up without spending a substantial amount of money? The most powerful – and low cost – things you can do to ensure your home looks its best and is attractive to potential buyers are:


Decluttering and deep cleaning

  • Decluttering

While all of those sentimental items and knick-knacks may be appealing to you and give your home a warm, cozy feeling, buyers usually don’t feel that way. The less clutter, the better. Take a minimalist approach and remove as much as you can, including boxes in closets filled with stored items, junk or trash that you’ve been meaning to clean out, etc.

In the kitchen it is particularly important that the look is neat and clean, so remove any small appliances from countertops. In the living room, clear the clutter from tabletops, put up things that aren’t being used – books, CD’s, DVD’s. You want the look to be clean and streamlined, with minimal fuss.

  • Deep cleaning

Of course you know to do the ordinary cleaning tasks when trying to sell your home such as dusting, vacuuming and mopping. Now, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and tackle those things that are not cleaned on a regular basis.

Clean behind and on top of the refrigerator, inside your cabinets, dust the ceiling to remove cobwebs, polish the baseboards. While friends and family don’t usually notice these things, buyers actually look for anything they can possibly find that appears dirty or stained.

The one task that every homeowner hates is cleaning windows, but do it – nothing makes your home shine like sparkling clean windows! Scrub showers and tubs, shampoo the carpet if it looks dirty. Think of those things you would look for if you were buying a home.

At Team Nelson, we are the original “buy a house thru me, I’ll sell your home free” realtors! We’re the Flower Mound, TX real estate company you can count on in you are interested in selling your Flower Mound home fast.

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