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Selling Your Flower Mound Home When Working From Home

selling your flower mound home

Today, many people work from home, whether for a company they’re employed by, or if they’re self-employed. As you can imagine, when you’re selling your Flower Mound home it can result in chaos in regards to your work and having your home presentable when potential buyers come by. As trusted North Texas real estate agents, we have a few “hacks” to make selling your home easier when you earn a living from home.

What are the challenges? The most obvious are being interrupted constantly by potential home buyers and real estate agents, trying to get your work done on schedule, and keeping your home in the best shape possible in case of a showing. Here’s how you can handle it all seamlessly.

First of all, keep your office neat and clean. It isn’t all that difficult to keep the clutter at bay. If your work-at-home job involves lots of paperwork, simply stick it in a drawer, use a decorative basket to place it in, or place a fake gift box over the top of the stack. Keep in mind that a clear desk also helps you focus better when you’re working!

Devise a schedule that works for you and your real estate agent. Set aside specific times when your home can be shown by the agent, times that work for you both. For instance, perhaps Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days for you in terms of your workload. Work with your real estate agent so that everyone’s clear on what days/times are best for showing your home. Buyers will be more interested as well, because of the fact that they can’t come tour your home any time they like.

Be ready for the unexpected. Of course there are times when someone just cannot adhere to your showing schedule because of other conflicts or their own schedule. When someone has to see your home at a time that’s not good for you, of course you don’t want to turn them down – it could be THE buyer! What to do? Be ready to head out to the coffee shop to work for a bit. Be prepared so that you can gather everything together quickly – laptop, charger, documents, pen, phone numbers, etc. Before you dash out the door, do a quick check to make sure the beds are made, the trash is taken out, curtains or blinds are opened, toilet seats are down, and vanity tops are cleared of all those toiletries.

By discussing your situation with your Flower Mound real estate agent, you can put your home on the market and work from it, too, without constant interruptions, phone calls, and stress. Considering so many people work from home today, there are solutions for every situation!

If you’re thinking about selling your Dallas-area home, contact the pros at Team Nelson today. We work around your schedule, and help make the process seamless.

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