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Selling Your North Texas Home? Buy Another Home Before!

selling your north texas home

When is the ideal time to buy another house when you’re selling your North Texas home? Actually, it can be quite tumultuous to attempt selling your home while you’re actively looking for another one, considering open houses and trying to make your home look perfect while at the same time looking for the perfect home for your family. Additionally, if you’re one of the lucky ones whose home does sell quickly, the rush to find a house for your family can leave you with one that’s not ideal. As Flower Mound real estate agents who have seen the confusion that can result from trying to sell and buy at the same time, we have a few reasons that may convince you to find your next home before you put your current house on the market!

For some, paying two mortgages is out of the question. However, if you can swing it for a few months, there are a few advantages to buying a home before you sell the old one. These include:

You enjoy a “safety net.” While sellers don’t usually find it attractive, placing an offer on the home of your dreams that’s contingent on the sale of your home makes it possible for you to gain extra time to find the right buyer for the home you currently live in, while putting your new home under contract – the best of both worlds!

Why go through the expense and work of moving twice? Many sellers find they have to have “temporary” living arrangements if they haven’t already found their next home. This means paying rent, moving costs, possible storage fees – not to mention the work and labor involved in moving twice! If you can move only once, it saves tremendously on headaches, hassle, and expense.

You won’t feel “rushed” to buy a home that isn’t just what you’re looking for. When you put your home on the market, it’s hard to hold out for what you really want. You know that you have to have a place for your family to live, which sometimes leads to “settling” for something less than ideal. By buying a home first, you can find the ideal neighborhood, floor plan, etc. – a home that truly will be your “home sweet home.”

No unpleasant surprises. When you put your home up for sale, you really don’t know what may be ahead if your home sells quickly. Will you be forced to live with family, in an apartment, or a rental house? Facing the unknown is stressful, to say the least. Buying a home before you sell will be more comforting emotionally, as you’ll know what you’re facing!

Purchasing a new home before selling your current home isn’t the ideal solution for every family, but for those who can, it saves much stress and hassle – not to mention the costs and headaches of moving twice.

If you’re in the market for a North Texas home or are considering putting your home up for sale, our real estate agents can help make the process of both buying and selling as seamless and stress-free as possible. Count on Team Nelson for all of your real estate needs, and remember – buy a home through me, we’ll sell your home free!

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