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Selling Your North Texas Home? Preparing For The Appraisal

selling your north texas home

If you’re planning on selling your North Texas home, the thought of having your home appraised can be intimidating. When you think about a total stranger judging the quality of your home and any renovations you’ve done, it can literally send chills down your spine! You want your home to appraise for as much as possible, but what can you do? We have a few suggestions to help you prepare.

First of all, do a little maintenance work. Whether a floor tile is loose in the bathroom, the carpet needs cleaning, or a shingle is loose on the roof, take care of those little things. Additionally, keep documentation handy regarding any maintenance work you’ve had performed on your home, along with the costs for any maintenance or upgrades.

Make sure your appliances are in good working order. From the refrigerator to the dishwasher and stove, any minor problem can impact your home’s appraisal value.

Up the curb appeal factor. Curb appeal is a huge factor; the exterior is what makes the first impression. Ultimately, your North Texas home should stand out as the most beautiful and well-cared for on the block. Remove dead plants, trim tree limbs, make sure the lawn is neat, make any repairs to the siding, porch rails, etc. Curb appeal IS a big deal.

Show that your home is well-cared for. While the value of your home doesn’t rely on how it’s decorated, it is important to show you take pride in your home. Make sure your home gives the impression that you take care of it by making it as clean, neat, and tidy as possible.

Know the value of comparable homes in your neighborhood. How much other homes that are similar to yours in your neighborhood have sold for recently is a huge indicator of the value of your home. If a neighbor had to sell quickly due to job relocation or other factors, and sold for a lower price in order to sell it fast, be sure the appraiser is aware of it. Knowing unusual circumstances in the area helps the appraiser fairly determine the value of your home. It’s also a good idea to choose an appraiser who’s local and familiar with the area, market, and other factors.

Thoroughly preparing for an appraisal can help to ensure your home is appraised at the highest possible value.

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