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Selling Your North Texas Home? 3 Things Buyers Search For

selling your north texas home

If you’re selling your North Texas home, it’s important to know the things that are most important to potential buyers. You have the power to make your home more appealing to buyers, and thus sell it quickly and for the price you want! Here are three things that are top of mind for most buyers.

Curb appeal is extremely important – after all, if your home isn’t appealing from the curb, who’s going to want to come inside? It’s the first impression anyone gets of your home and a tell-tale sign of how neat and cared-for the inside will be. Make sure your lawn, landscaping, and outside of your home look more attractive than others in the neighborhood. Clear away sticks, leaves, broken limbs, and make sure your shrubs and flowerbeds are trimmed and neat. Trim edges around the driveway, sidewalk, and curbs. Wash any dirt or mold off the exterior. Really spruce it up – it WILL make a difference!

Space. Why do most people move from their homes? They need more space, whether they’re a growing family or they’re just too cramped in the home they currently live in. Even if your home has an open floor plan and is spacious, you can create the feeling of even more space by clearing away all the clutter. Clean out the closets and garage, remove everything from the countertops, keep everything to a minimum. You can store all of the out-of-season clothes, yard tools, kid’s toys, and other things in a storage unit until your home sells, and the cost of storage will be well worth it when your home brings the price you want. You may want to move a few pieces of furniture out to create a minimalist and even more spacious feeling.

Updates. Not many people desire a home that looks like it’s straight out of the 80’s, so spend a little time and money to update the kitchen and bathrooms. You don’t have to do a complete remodel, but you do want to replace appliances, countertops, or fixtures that are really outdated. Paint the walls throughout your home using a neutral color to give it a fresh look. In the bathroom, be sure you get rid of the old ragged washcloths and little pieces of slimy soap. For some buyers, this is a huge turn-off and TMI! Put up a new shower curtain, invest in some new towels, and only set out lotions, liquid hand soap, and other items that are brand new and not used.

It’s often the little things that grab a buyer’s attention. Anyone interested in your North Texas home knows it’s not brand new. What buyers do want to know is that you take pride in your home and that it’s been well-cared-for. A few simple changes can make the difference in how buyers view your home, and how quickly it sells!

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