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Shopping For A Flower Mound Home In The Winter – Tips

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Although we don’t typically have inches of snow or ice during winter months in North Texas, it can still be difficult shopping for a new home in the middle of winter, when most trees have lost their leaves, lawns are brown, and the flowers are dead. When it’s cold, wet, muddy, or just plain ugly outdoors, it makes it difficult to shop for a new home – it seems like you can’t see it at its most beautiful, as you would during spring and summer months. Don’t let that deter you! Our Flower Mound real estate professionals have a few points you want to keep in mind.

Sometimes having the worst revealed to you is a good thing. When it gets dark earlier, the ground’s wet or it’s cold, you can often notice those things you may not notice in spring when everything’s beautiful and the weather is warmer. For instance, you may discover the windows are drafty, that there’s little privacy when the foliage and flower beds are gone, or other flaws you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Ultimately, seeing a home during winter months is often seeing it at its worst, which can be a good thing – especially if you still love it despite the ugly weather!

What does the home look like during spring, summer, and fall? Many homeowners have photos that show the beauty of the home during the most beautiful times of year. This way you can see what the landscaping, lawn, foliage, flowers, and even the pool look like during more pleasant weather. If there are no seasonal photos in the listing, simply ask the homeowner or the listing agent if they can access some so you can see what the home looks like in a different light.

What about automatic sprinkler systems, pools, or other features/amenities you may not be able to test during winter months? Not to worry too much; simply ask the seller to either extend the closing timeframe or leave funds in escrow until the time comes when the pool can be inspected to ensure it’s functioning properly and undamaged. On issues that are uncertain, if negotiating escrow funds isn’t feasible, request documentation from the homeowner, or outside vendors who performed winterizing on the sprinkler system, closing of the pool, etc.

Buying a home during the winter season is often a good idea due to less competition and even a reduced selling price. Even when you can’t see a home at its most beautiful, you can learn all you need to know by asking lots of questions! At Team Nelson we’ll help you find the perfect Flower Mound home and ensure all of the features/amenities are in top working condition. Give us a call today!

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