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Staging Your North Texas Home – What Buyers Shouldn’t See

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If you’re trying to sell your North Texas home, there are certain things that make a good impression on potential buyers such as a bowl of fresh fruit, a beautiful floral arrangement or greenery – but there are also some things you want to keep to yourself when staging your home. You’ve become used to all the “stuff” that’s lying around your home or even hanging on the walls, but it’s time to take a look through others’ eyes. Our Flower Mound real estate professionals have a few tips for what you should never let be revealed to potential buyers when staging your home.

Keep the pest control evidence under wraps. What do mouse traps, glue boards, and “roach motels” say to potential buyers? That you have a pest problem. Remove them before showing your home!

Love your prized buck head hanging on the wall? It was an accomplishment you’re proud of, but lots of people are against hunting and prefer not to see dead animals. When it comes to taxidermy or hunting you’ll want to remove all evidence of your hobby.

What about the Mary Jane? Marijuana may be as legal as sliced bread in some states, but even in those where it’s legal not everyone agrees. Keep your rolling papers, bong, and other paraphernalia out of sight!

Weapons. Whether you collect swords, knives, or even guns it’s a good idea to stash all the firearms and/or weapons when your home is showing. Weapons can be intimidating to some people, and with so many people against owning a gun it’s just best to lock them away – preferably where they won’t be visible.

A few other things you may want to consider removing from your home when staging include anything that’s related to politics, anything sexual, and yes, yourself. Real estate agents (and potential buyers) are far more comfortable during a showing when the seller isn’t present, as those touring your home feel more relaxed and can ask questions they may not ask if you’re present.

At Team Nelson, our Dallas real estate agents want to help make sure your home sells as quickly as possible, and for the right price. When it comes to staging, make it as neutral as possible so that potential buyers can picture their own families living in that beautiful home!

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