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Why North Texas Should Be On The Top Of Your List If You’re Relocating

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If you’re considering pulling up roots and moving your family (or just yourself, or you and your significant other) to another city, there are too many reasons to count why North Texas should be at the top of your list. Yes, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is huge – and yes, we love the Cowboys. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’ll share a few of the reasons we think you’ll agree DFW is a great place to move to.

Whether you love the bustling city or prefer nature, there’s something for everyone. Single people, couples, families, entrepreneurs, artists, corporate leaders – DFW is a highly diverse area that most never want to leave.

The economy. With jobs plentiful and big corporations moving in all the time, this is where you’ll find a truly healthy economy and stable housing markets. Some of the big names who’ve moved their headquarters to DFW include FedEx, Toyota and Liberty Mutual. Employment opportunities continue to grow, while the economy thrives.

Unbelievable cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for comfort food, fast food, a fine dining experience or eclectic Middle Eastern cuisine, it’s all here. In fact, did you know there are more restaurants per capita in DFW than in New York? That’s saying something!

Exceptional schools. If you’re a parent, this one’s important. Some of the best schools in the U.S. are located in North Texas – from those that are smaller, to larger schools. In fact, you’ll find nearly 40 school districts in the DFW Metro alone, and most are highly rated and exceptional when it comes to educational opportunities.

Music. Whether jazz, rock and roll, pop, country or the blues is your thing, there’s plenty of it here. Concerts are a main event on weekends – or, you can enjoy the small-venue alternative rock shows or an evening at the symphony. Music (and sports, of course) is the heart of DFW!

Farm fresh food year-round. Farmland is what you’ll find in North Texas outside the suburbs, and farmer’s markets abound in the cities year-round. When we say farm fresh, we mean it! Fresh, local food – regardless of the season.

Until you’ve actually been here, you just can’t imagine the beauty, culture and diversity. Sure, it’s a big place, but within it you can find everything you’ve ever dreamed would make your life perfect. If you’re thinking of making a move, be sure to give the Dallas real estate professionals at Team Nelson a call before you make any life-changing decisions!

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